Welcome to our New Website! February is Library Lovers Month!

Stop hugging that library. No wait, my mistake, I forgot that it’s Library Lovers Month – and it seems to have come at just the right time as many local libraries are struggling during the economic downturn.

So why love your local library? Libraries are a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; they offer security and peace and quiet. They are also a place where you can focus surrounded by likeminded people with the desire to acquire knowledge.

It’s important to understand that not everything is available on the internet (yet), libraries can have vast digital stores of qualitative and quantitative information escaping from opinion led snippets and snapshots from online. There may be some crossover of information but in most cases libraries are a much more economically viable solution when looking for information than the internet.

Love your library for what it is, a community meeting place or treasure trove of ideas. Why not push against the declining attendance of libraries and go and learn something new that will expand your knowledge of who you are, of where you live or what you do!

Come in and fill out a Library Card to send to local leaders and government representatives telling them how much you love your local library and we will collect them all and send them in. 


Don't forget to check us out on Facebook or call at 583-5501.  We just got in the new Mitch Album book The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto and some new books on Autism in honor of Autism Awareness month.  We also have a Gluten Free Magazine to check out and many movies that are brand new including The Age of Ultron, and Inside Out.  We also hold a Mommy and Me group on Wednesday mornings at 10:45 as well as a free Knitting club on Wednesday nights from 6-8.  Yummy snacks are usually prepared to go along with the very fun conversation.  Experienced to beginners, all are welcome!

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