Printing, Faxing, Copying

The Adams Center Free Library offers printing (color or black and white) from the computer you are printing from for a fee.  If you print something and it is mostly color, the cost is 50 cents per page.  If you print something that is black and white, it is 25 cents a page. 

If you would like to have us Fax something for you, simply come to the circulation desk and ask.  We will give you back your originals and ask that you wait until we receive a message from the fax machine that your fax went through.  If it is busy or there is a problem with your fax, we will get an error message in which case we can try again as many times as you like, but it will take time as we wait for the fax machine to let us know the status of your fax.  Faxing is a dollar per fax, not per page.  A cover sheet will need to be filled out as well with the number and information for the fax on it.  We will give you back this as well when the fax has successfully gone through.

Copying something is as easy as bringing your papers to us at the circulation desk and asking us to copy it.  Color copies are 50 cents a page and B/W are 25 cents a page.  If you have a large volume, you might be better served at Staples or a printing shop.  Our copier isn't meant for large volumns and doesn't perform well when many copies are needed.