We are excited to announce that we are having new overhead lighting installed.  Through the gracious giving of the Northern New York Community Foundation, we were given grant monies to complete the project.  We will be closed the week of April 5th for the rennovations.  The new lighting will provide a much needed boost to our eyes and let our knitting group see much better.  Other groups will also be benefitting as well.  The reno will include new track lights to shine down upon all the book shelves directly.  We are so thankful for this most generous gift.  Our partners in this are also Budget Blinds who donated 500$ and J&R Electric who donated all the labor, totalling around 2000$  We can't thank our community partners enough for this wonderful new update to our lighting.  We are also in the process of building our new website and will be switching over to Wordpress sometime this summer.  Much training will have to take place to build and maintain our new website.     Give us a call at 315-583-5501 if you have any requests...if we are not here, please leave a message clearly and slowly so that we can honor your reading choice.    Check out our new web page coming soon and also our Facebook page.  We are following all protocols for handwashing and facemask wearing and cleaning the library every shift.  We are here to protect our community from the spread of covid and are promoting the vaccine.  Stop the spread!