Book Sale Continued all September/ Senator Patti Richie Visit

Because we had to close down our book sale due to the bad weather, we have decided to extend our sale through September within the library.  We have so many books on hand that are good reads.  Sale is by donation.  Please come by and browse our selection starting September 5th.

Knitting Group begins again on October 4th.  All are welcome.  There is no cost.  Beginners to experts are encouraged.  Many folks who love the time spent together have a great time in community!  If you would like more details, feel free to call.  Yarn is here and some needles.

Patti Richie visited our library to award four young heros for their exemplary courage.  These four college Freshman were all South Jefferson grads and we are so proud of them.  Elizabeth 'Libby' Connors, Nathan Tyler, Amanda Llyod, and Delaney Warner all received the New York State Senate Liberty Medal.  This is the highest honor the Senate awards to a citizen for outstanding achievments.We want to thank our staff and board for attending as well-Karen Barney, Beth Vincent, and Jordan Barney were the library staff that helped set up for the event and Jaye Worden, library Manager.  Deana Smith also helped the day before.  Doug Ort gave the opening remarks and introduced Patti Richie.  Laura Mallan and Madeline Felice-board members were also in attendance and we thank them for all their continued support.  The Adams town mayer Mr. Chatterton and supervisor, Dave Kellogg and Sherriff O'Neil also had some great things to say about the bravery of these four kids.  Scott Gray told a story of his own experiences when he was young about capsizing on a white water rafting and how the experience is still with him today.  Patti Richie spoke about not thinking too smally of the amount of smarts and selflessness of these young man and women.  She also spoke of how they exemplify what we should all strive for and that is to put one's self out there to help in the community.  It was a very positive day at our library and we were very proud to host such a proud occasion.  Thank you Patti Richie for supporting our libraries the way you do.  We appreciate you!