Welcome SUMMER!

Congratulations to all our South Jeff Grads!  Way to Go!!  This summer libraries rock and so does the Adams Center Free Library.  Take note that our hours of operation have changed to our summer hours which are Monday11-6, Tuesday and Wednesday 9-1, Thursday 2-6, and Friday 9-1-(Saturday and Sunday Closed).  Our summer program will be on July 10th, llth and 12th this year and we have some very fun folks visiting us this year and it is all free!!  First on the 10th at 3:30PM-4:30 we will have a special program for kids ages 4-15 about anti-bullying where they get a free pearl at the end.  Then on the 11th, we welcome back Mike the Magician from 11-1 and then for a special treat we have local author-Pete Gaskin at 2:30 to sing some great songs and talk about his books!  Call 315-583-5501 or email adclib@ncls.org for information!  

 We also have all the South Jeff teen reads for the summer so that all our town teens can do their summer reading for 7-8th grade.  Hurry down for those as they go quickly and you want to get your pick, so don't miss out.  

Book sale is coming over the garage sale days in early August.  Don't forget us and it is by donation too, so you can take as many as you like!  We have many recent titles as donations from our patrons to choose from.

Save the date we-The ADCFL is turning 90 this September 29, 2018.  We will be having a big party and all are invited.  There will be food and fun for everyone!  And for those stamp collectors we will have a very special commorative stamp just for our library that day with our picture on it!  Bring your mail and have it stamped or buy a stamp from the day!